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Friday Night - Devil, What Are You Going To Do With All The Witnesses?

Part 5

Thursday Morning - Just Remember Heaven

Thursday Morning

Thursday Night - The Principle Spices of the Annointing

Thursday Night

Wednesday Night - Trapped in the Victory of Another

Wednesday Night

If You Can't Fight, You Don't Count

The Purpose of a Dead End

I Shall Not Be Moved - I Am Persuaded

Friday Night: Caveat Emptor

Held Captive by Divine Appointment

Just Put It In Your Bag

In The End It Was David

Two Way Street

Friday Evening

Friday Evening

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Home Sweet Home

Faith to Fight the Unseen

Weep Like Jeremiah

Pray Like Daniel

It's Time to Break the Manna Mentality

A Movement on the Move

Who Am I

Growing from a Believer into a Disciple

Our Church: Calvary Apostolic Church

The Apostolic Doctrine

The History of the Apostolic Church

Sis Shirley Carson

Palm Tree Saints

I Can See Clearly Now

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Peter, James, and John

The Habit of Making Your Bed

Can I Get A Witness

Did I Test Positive